Summer Body Shaping & Lymphatic Drainage

reflexology lymphatic drainage

The quality of your skincare products is only half the battle. To get the most benefit from daily skincare, you need to treat your face gently and effectively. In addition, skincare doesn’t just stop on your face-since the pandemic, more and more people have begun to expand their body care range. For example, lymphatic drainage is an advantageous technique that can help reduce bloating on the face and around the body.

What are the benefits of lymphatic drainage and how is it different from body shaping?

Manual lymphatic drainage helps to fight water retention, release toxins of the tissue (which is the best detox), and prepare the body for a tighter and longer-lasting shape. reflexology lymphatic drainage

The benefits of lymphatic drainage are:

Extensive, mainly in the transport and removal of retentive fluid, but it also:

Stimulate blood circulation and tissue regeneration

Guide and increase lymph flow, promote faster removal of excess tissue fluid Reduce swelling and retain water

Because of the important elimination of toxins, the immune system is improved

Minimize the appearance of cellulite by reducing the amount of fluid on the cross-hatched fibers under the skin

Promote physical and mental relaxation

Provides overall lightness

Enhance physical vitality

Reflexology Helps Energy flow

RLD or Reflexology Lymph Drainage is an award-winning reflexology technique

It focuses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet. The aim is to cause an effect on the lymphatic system in the body. It is a unique sequence that has been researched and developed by Sally Kay BSc(Hons), whilst working in Cancer Care. Results from recent research have shown that RLD may be helpful in the management of secondary lymphoedema following treatment for breast cancer. Sally’s innovative approach has attracted national and international awards and widespread recognition, and plans are in place for further research.

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  • Rebecca Klico

    27 November 2022 - 3:11 pm

    My daughter has a thyroid condition and gets a puffy neck and face and I was wondering if this is a you would be able to help with ?

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