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I am a Fully Qualified  Clinical Reflexologist, passionate about the benefits of Reflexology for people of all ages. Reflexology is known to help people suffering from pain, anxiety, sleep trouble and insomnia, etc. It has also been recommended to ease the side effects of chemotherapy, and as a form of palliative care.

I can’t wait to help you achieve your health and wellbeing goals!

I am not a medical doctor, so I can’t diagnose or offer medical advice. I have a background in Psychology  and work alongside traditional medicine to support your well-being. I work gently over the reflex points, which makes the treatment very relaxing.

I trained at the London School of Reflexology with Louise Keet, named as the best reflexologist in the UK. I am also fully qualified in the Zone FaceLift™ with Ziggie Bergman, who created Zone FaceLift™ as a natural alternative to Botox and cosmetic surgery.

We are fully insured and we’re registered with the Association of the Association of Reflexologists, and CNHC.

There are research shows the benefits of Reflexology


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Tina Bakardzhieva

Tina Bakardzhieva,

Founder of Reflexology Oxford, Clinical Reflexologist