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Tina is a wonderful reflexologist, and a warm and caring person. This was my first experience with reflexology and she made me feel comfortable from the start. She was thoughtful, attentive to my needs, and keen to hear my feedback each week. By the third session there was a noticeable shift, I slept better, had fewer headaches and achieved an exceptionally deep sense of relaxation (my reasons for attending were stress-related). I will definitely return and would recommend to anyone. Thank you Tina!

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I had four sessions with Tina and left each one feeling more incredible, distressed and relaxed than the last time round. Not only that but several long term niggles and aches have now disappeared. Have already recommended her to friends and family and will definitely be going back myself for more

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Brilliant experience every time! I've had a few treatments over the past weeks to combat the effects of working from home on my aching bones and joints. The sessions are always enjoyable, the service personal and attentive and the results are undeniable. Highly recommended!

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It has been a year of healing and reflection and I wanted to give you an update and thank you for helping me get the point where I had the strength to take my life into my own capable hands…..I had the ability and strength to take control of my own life. And do what I needed to do for myself and my children. I have also learned (or relearned) that I worthy of a loving relationship. The years of me being dismissed are over! I thank you for preparing me to learn these lessons.

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Tina is friendly, professional, and very calming. I had a few sessions of reflexology and always left feeling better. Would totally recommend - Tina was able to identify various things for me to consider.