Improving your Sleep

Reflexology Helping You to Sleep Better

“Sleep is an investment in the energy you will need to be effective tomorrow, and Reflexology can help.”

We need a good night sleep to function, both physically and mentally. Sleep regulates your mood, improves your memory and also maintains health, weight and energy levels. Sleep disorders can interfere with daily life and health of an individual: lack of restful sleep affects energy levels, emotional balance, and general health. The deep relaxation achieved through reflexology is at least in part attributable to changes in brain-wave activity that closely mirrors the activity of light sleep, according to research. 

When To Come In If You Have a Problem sleeping?

Lack of sleep has serious effects on our brain’s ability to function. Many people sleep very lightly or experience restless nights, which can impair cognitive function the next day, make concentration more difficult and shorten your attention span. Regardless of how often you have sleep trouble or even insomnia, Reflexology may provide some relief. Reflexology involves using physical touch to stimulate pressure points that correspond to different aspects of physical and mental health, helping you relax, achieve better sleep and rest well every night.

How Can Reflexology Help?

Hormonal Balance

The pituitary gland regulates the circadian rhythm, which in turn regulates the sleep/wake cycle. The thyroid glands govern metabolism and the Adrenal glands regulate stress hormones. Targeting the reflexes related to these glands can help start to return the body to its natural, calm state,  restoring good sleep patterns and balance. The vast majority of my clients report improved sleep the night after their treatment, which is well known to be a positive side effect of Reflexology.

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Reflexology aims to restore the body’s natural balance

Because reflexology encourages the body to relax, other functions are also affected. Every part of the body receives nerve signals from the spine. Abnormal tension leads to tightening of the muscles of the spine. When tension is relaxed muscles cease to contract, blood vessels are also relaxed allowing circulation to flow freely so necessary oxygen and nutrients can reach all parts of the body, tissues and organs. The result is the body adjusting back to its natural state of balance.
Reflexology for sleep will help you:

Our Therapy Process

Your first step is to contact us to schedule your initial appointment. Your practitioner will conduct a brief health history to confirm that reflexology is a good choice of therapy for your needs. The practitioner will explain how reflexology works and what to expect in the session. The reflexologist also informs you that reflexology does not treat specific illnesses and is not a substitute for medical treatment.

Your therapist will deliver the entire pattern of the reflexology therapy, starting at the toes and working down the foot. A complete reflexology therapy session uses many different techniques and includes all of the points on both feet. If there is a medical reason not to work with your feet, we can work on your hands as hand reflexology is equally beneficial.

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The Benefits of Sleep Therapy


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