Proven: reflexology helps, but how?

reflexology helps

For those who like scientific explanations and the reasons why things work, the fact that reflexology helps seems to be a “frivolous fairy tale” or “woo woo”. For example, there are reasons to question how the operation of the little toe can solve shoulder pain. I get it. However, countless recommendations from customers, as well as research available for reflexology now, prove that it really works! Here are four ways to help explain how this form of body works.

1. Reflexology Helps Relax

Even skeptics cannot deny the benefits of relaxation. We have all heard about harmful stress on the human body-this is the cause of 75% of diseases.

When the body is under stress, it is in “fighting or flying” mode. Staying in this stress response for too long to release it will cause the body to lose balance. This imbalance is the cause of the disease. Reflexology is very relaxing to the nervous system. Therefore, the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) is calmed, while the parasympathetic nervous system (eating or reproduction) is stimulated.

In addition, relaxation helps to improve blood circulation. When the muscles relax, it allows the blood to flow freely, transporting more nutrients and oxygen to the body’s cells and organs.

Reflexology Helps

2. Nerve Endings

There are at least 7,000 nerve endings in each foot. Each of these nerve endings is connected to every organ, system and gland in the body, and the pressure on these nerve endings triggers a reflex response in the body.

Real-time MRI shows that when pressure is applied to the corresponding reflex, blood flow to the kidneys, small intestine, and brain increases. The biopsy shows that when the body has health problems, the nerve fibers in the feet increase. These nerve fibers increase the content of chemicals (toxins), which can cause body pain.

Foot massage can break down these chemicals so that they can be released into the bloodstream and taken out of the body. The result is pain relief and relaxation of the body, the benefits of which have already been mentioned above.

3. Reflexology Helps Energy flow

Current science proves that there is electricity flowing through the meridians of the human body. These meridians or energy channels are the basis of acupuncture. (In reflexology, they are called “zones.”) These meridians are now called primitive vascular systems by scientists. They found that by inserting the dye into the acupuncture points, thin lines along the meridian can be seen. Therefore, it is reasonable to think that the reflection point has electrical characteristics.

During foot massage, these energy pathways are opened, thereby increasing the function of the nervous system and circulatory system.

Why something works is not as important as that it works.

The role of reflexology has been proven. However, the physical mechanism that controls the meridian or energy path (area) is not yet understood. This unexplainable part of how reflexology works seems to be weird magic! Usually, when my client breathes a sigh of relief after working on their little toe, they laugh, say it’s weird, and call it weird magic instead of trying to understand it! Then, they tell me they feel much better. Proven!

In short, reflexology works through relaxation, nervous system and energy flow. The factors that control this energy flow are still a mystery, but if it works, does it really matter? This sentence from a doctor about reflexology sums it up: “Why something works is not as important as that it works.”.

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