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brain fog menopause

3 Tips to Help Brain Fog

The feel-good treatment has been practiced for centuries — and for good reason. How Does Foot Reflexology helps with Brain fog and Menopause? The perimenopausal or menopausal transitions associated with profound reproductive and hormonal changes in a woman’s body and increases a woman’s risk of strokes, brain fog, memory loss…
reflexology in Oxford

Reflexology in Oxford for Stress and Anxiety

The feel-good treatment has been practiced for centuries — and for good reason. How Does Foot Reflexology Treat Stress? In addition to treating sinus troubles, digestive issues, and more, reflexology can be a great way to combat anxiety and stress, says Gilmore. When we’re experiencing great levels of stress, we tend…
Zone Face Lift

Zone Face Lift – Reducing The Early Signs Of Ageing, Naturally

Leading Beauty Journalist Sarah Vine described the treatment in her ‘Get The Gloss’ article as a ‘contender for London’s best facial treatment’ while Hip and Healthy called it ‘an all-natural alternative to Botox with internal benefits to boot’ What are the benefits of Zone face Lift treatment? Naturally stimulates collagen…
reflexology lymphatic drainage

Summer Body Shaping & Lymphatic Drainage

The quality of your skincare products is only half the battle. To get the most benefit from daily skincare, you need to treat your face gently and effectively. In addition, skincare doesn’t just stop on your face-since the pandemic, more and more people have begun to expand their body care…
reflexology in Oxford

What is Sciatica and this is how Reflexology can help?

Reflexology Oxford can help with sciatica and back pain. How? Anyone who has ever experienced sciatica knows that it can be painful and affect every aspect of daily life. Nerve pain is very exhausting physically and emotionally. If you have sciatica, it is almost impossible to feel comfortable, and many…
reflexology helps

Proven: reflexology helps, but how?

For those who like scientific explanations and the reasons why things work, the fact that reflexology helps seems to be a “frivolous fairy tale” or “woo woo”. For example, there are reasons to question how the operation of the little toe can solve shoulder pain. I get it. However, countless…